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R.A. Nagy is pleased to offer competitive consulting & mentoring services. We also offer customized training & certification. Our commercial, free, and Open Source Projects are also technologies many come here to enjoy.
Soft9000.com also offers software design & development services on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and Blackberry. Our favorite technologies (in no particular order) include C# & VB.Net, Java, C/C++, Delphi, Rhapsody, PHP, CSS, XML/XSLT, and SOA.

Site Mission

The mission of this web site is to serve the needs of our clients. Part of that mission is to share the secrets of how to create and manage the software development process. The rest of our commitment is to allow the users of our products to look for upgrades, share ideas, and participate in our on-line community.
Because selling personalized R&D services is traditionally how we make ends meet, by the popular request my partners we have also included a copy of my professional resume. From our demonstrated ability to deliver multi-million dollar Enterprise Architecture Integration (EAI / SOA) projects, to the creation of independently rated 5-star software solutions, no job is too large or too small for Soft9000.com.

Our Best Practices

Creating and testing software is a very serious business. So serious, in fact, that over the decades Soft9000.com has defined an extremely flexible process to help guarantee that we are working together toward creating the best product possible. Our process not only ensures that your project is well defined, but it also allows you to see your design come to life as the work is accomplished.
Founded by R. A. Nagy in 1992, Network Data Processing Systems (now know as Soft9000.com) remains committed to the highest professional and consulting standards. By coupling technological evangelism with over 30 years of hands-on abilities, R. A. continues to offer consulting services to clients of all sizes.


Mr. Nagy also excels at creating and presenting custom training. From legacy technologies to the newest embedded and hand-held engineering topics, our seminars allow you to quickly understand the latest R&D topics. -With over 20 years of hi-tech training experience, we are well suited to work with your team.
So feel free to explore this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about any of our products or services.
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