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The Global Community

In addition to supporting our clients, co-workers and software, Mr. Nagy's Robots have been actively supporting the ever-growing world-community of fans since 1989.


Originally, it was is all about our Products, Articles, and Clients.

Other Meanderings

In 1989, our first Internet community began to grow-up around The Quote For Today. Starting in alt.quotations, ::::: The Quote For Today ::::: -moniker was a daily, robot-generated feature across the Internet for many years (1998 - 2006.)
Originally maintained by his portable C++ communications framework, the robotic HTML, FTP, SMTP, & Usenet daily-contentment generator lives on.
The latest community is dedicated to sharing his first non-technical book. A non-denominational religious fiction, An Interview With A Saint is bringing a fuzzy-warm feeling to many. Also available in hard-copy as well as via Kindle, Mr. Nagy's book is getting 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.com.
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