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Randall Nagy's Profile on Linked-In is were we track our references.

Industry Blog

The Soft9000.com blog shares everything from tips on trends, programming & project management, to thoughts on consulting, jobs, immigration, & American Politics. The common threads page is always a good place to browse.

The Quote For Today

For the IT Professional, the best way to keep our skills up-to-date just might be to 'web enable a passion: From a history of leveraging everything from C++ to PHP, Java, C#, SQL, (and even the development of flat-file database tech), The Quote For Today represents our ongoing dedication to collecting, cleaning, and searching gigabytes of heterogeneous data, at sub-second speed.

C++ Central

C++: Home to our STDNOJ and ABLE Class Libraries.

DBO: Serialized Object Database

Java: Use a RandomAccessFile to Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Search objects supporting the java.io.Serializable interface.

Extensible Colorization for C++

Java: Use polymorphism, factories, and other patterns to add some color to your on-line source code listings.

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