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The following is a list of Mr. Nagy's publications on 3rd-party sites, in magazines, & hard-bound reference guides:

Introduction to C#

From C/C++ to C#.Net

Authored Introduction to C# for Borland Software Corporation (now Embarcadero).

Inter-Process Communications

Using Standard IPC to bridge the GUI-Gap

Authored This Old Pipe (Article Series) for Borland Software Corporation. Article (now Embarcadero) also selected for inclusion in the C++ Journal.

Motivation 101

The Tao of the Lone Wolf

Authored the Motivation 1 and Motivation 2 for Borland Software Corporation. These articles share a few secrets on keeping motivated when working alone, or in small teams. --Today we might call it "SCRUM For Individuals"?

Building Community on the Internet

Nothing is Wasted on the ‘Web!

Authored Nothing is Wasted on the ‘Web!. Published in Internet Day (an Internet “Ezine” (www.internetday.com.)) Article published on 04/19/2000.

Web Site Organization

Letting hits guide your Internet Presence

Authored Don’t Neglect ‘Back Door’ Marketing Opportunities? for Internet Day (an Internet “Ezine” (www.internetday.com.)) Article published on 12/29/1999.

Organizing & Maintaining Software

Leveraging RAD

Authored Leveraging RAD on 04/17/1997.
We designed a way to protect our projects from disruptive and / or disposable technologies. This article discusses how you can protect your software investment by encapsulating both "rented" and owned technologies.
While this unsolicited submission was rejected by the intended magazine, I thought we would include it here, anyway.

Operating System Comparison

Comparing Windows, Unix, NT, OS/2, and DOS

Authored Assessing Desktop Operating Systems? for Information Management: Strategy, Systems, and Technologies (Auerbaugh Publishers, 1995) A comparison of OS/2 Warp, UNIX, Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups 3.1x, Windows/NT, and DOS.
Article originally published in the August - September Special Edition. This article was also selected for inclusion as part of the final, hard-bound yearbook reference guide.

Managing Operating System Events

Managing discreet operating system events

Authored Handling Input Events Using C++? for BYTE MAGAZINE. Article appeared in February 1993 issue.

Writing a Windows DLL

Linking products together is nothing new

Authored Writing a Windows DLL? for BYTE MAGAZINE. Coined the phrase DLL Hell as if already in popular usage, just to see if it would catch on. (It did!) Article appeared in December 1992 issue.

Minicomputer Operating System Selection

Determining which operating system is best for you needs

Authored Minicomputer Operating System Selection? for The Handbook of Systems Management Development and Support. Paper featured in the 1992-93 edition of this hard-bound reference guide.

End User Computing Management

Popular Operating System Selections Compared

By popular demand, was asked to author the Update on Microcomputer Operating Systems? for End User Computing Management. Article appeared in the first quarter of 1992.

Datapro Reference Series

Review of the latest release of AIX

Reviewed IBM's AIX, OS/400, and OS/2 Operating Systems? for the premier edition of DataPro's International Computing Reference Series (McGraw Hill.) Article appeared in the first quarter of 1992.

Comparing Operating Systems

Selecting the right system for the right job

Authored A Comparison of Microcomputer Operating Systems?, for Data Communications Management Magazine. ''A comparison of OS/2, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and DOS.Article appeared in July, 1991.

Networked Computer Viruses Unmasked

How viruses exploit network flaws to propagate themselves

Authored Network Computer Viruses Unmasked?. Article appeared in Network World on July 30, 1990.

Understanding UNIX

Unix longevity is based upon understandable principles

Authored The Cult of one UNIX?. Article appeared in Network World on March 13, 1989.
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