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Nagy's Videos

From talks on SOA to reviews on common UML techniques, we have created many educational videos.

Many videos have already been shared. Some are ready for sharing. Yet others are still in the refinement process.

Completed Video Projects

Keeping up with the training-times, our Video Training efforts include:

* Created 40 hours of video training on our Java topics for GoGo Training.
* Created 30 training videos on Android for Skillsoft.
* Created 40 hours of collegian level video training on Big Data, Asset Management, and Distributed Linux for Lumension.
* The YouTube topics range from Project Management & UML to Java Benchmarking & VB.NET.

Current Video Projects

* Hadoop, HUE & Hortonworks.
* Selected Android Topics.
* Modern Testing: Techniques & Tactics.
* Updated EzLog4J / AboutTime Video.

Coming soon!

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