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Benchmark One

An overview of the UML approach to this project (download, video, etc.) can be found in the blog.

Want to see how your computer performance stacks up? Then don't forget to use the 'Share Results' feature.

(:applet code="benchmarkone.appletMain.class" width="500" height="450" archive="benchmark/BenchMarkOne.jar, benchmark/lib/com.soft9000.jar, benchmark/lib/com.soft9000.core.jar" alt="Install Java. See what you are missing!" :)

BenchMark One is Easy to Use

  1. Select the Whetstone.
  2. Select the number of times to run it.
  3. Press 'Run.'
  4. Use the 'Share Results' tab to see how well you metrics compare to the results of others!


  • Statistics (BenchMarkOneIpc.php) are now tallied across ALL browsers.
  • The stats were reset on 2013/02/16.
  • We plan to add more benchmarks as time permits.
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