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Persistence Code Generator

The applet on this page will generate Java Source Code. However, your local security policy will probably prevent you from using the clipboard to copy the generated code.
If the generated code is what you need, then download the ClassIO Project from SourceForge to run ClassIO on your computer:

(:applet code="com.soft9000.ClassGenerator.MainApplet.class" width="420" height="500" archive="com.soft9000.ClassIO.jar, lib/AbsoluteLayout.jar" alt="Install Java. See what you are missing!" :)

About ClassIO

We can use ClassIO to quickly generate Java Source Code. The generated code will be able to read / write data via comma-separated variable (CSV), Tab Delimited Format (TDF), and / or the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML.) ClassIO has both a command-line & graphical user interface.
Code generated demonstrates "best practice" support for isNull(), copy construction, & self-type assignments. XML DOM Node Management & Manipulation Techniques are also present.
To use The Project's jar file, simply specify the package, class name, and fields on a console / terminal command line. The code created by ClassIO will allow us to quickly read / write arrays of homogeneous objects from any of the above format(s.)
Note that the complete source code for ClassIO is included as part of the ClassIO Project. Academic Free Use License.
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