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Cognetic Words

The applet below runs fine in your browser. Contact me if you would like to have a version to run elsewhere on your computer.

(:applet code="StringMixer.appCogneticWords.class" width="700" height="550" archive="StringMixers.jar, lib/AbsoluteLayout.jar" alt="Install Java. See what you are missing!" :)

Cognetic Words?

Cognetic Words are words that you will not find in the dictionary... at least not yet! ;-)

Most often created by mentally arranging two or more independent words together, the resulting combination can be used to more uniquely identify our product, project, web site, or other type of work.
Folks find that while some word combinations spring more readily to mind than others, that it is usually those other combinations that often best define what makes our project unique.
Many also discover that the words, numbers, & interesting fragments that we can use are truly never-ending! -Yet be the list common or fringe, a computer can help us quickly find them all.

HINT: To get started, give something like My-, Socio-, Geek- (on the left) and -zilla, -central, -tastic, -7 (on the right) a try... While you do so, note that I also often find it helpful to think things like "google, eBay, facebook, travelocity - what's up with THAT!?"


How to find a Unique Cognetic Word:

  1. Enter a few words in the LEFT list box - one word per line
  2. Do the same in the RIGHT list box
  3. Select 'Mix' to combine LEFT and RIGHT together
  4. Select 'Puree' to use the RIGHT values as prefixes, as well
  5. Press 'Run' to populate the Results list
  6. Use the "Good" button to move selected Results to a 'Good Ideas' list
  7. Use the "Bad" button to do the same for any bad results
  8. Open the "Selections" tab to view & manage your Good / Bad Selections


  • Any 'Good' and 'Bad' selections will not show up after any "Run" Operation
  • A page refresh will re-start the applet: Be sure to copy and save your ideas!
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