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Locate files & manage sensitive file types / time information easily.

File Spy?

Did you know that every time you use your computer you leave a record of what you did and when? By scanning your file access dates and times, tattletale software can report just what you did on the computer you use most.


FileSpy can help you manage and change sensitive information to stop electronic snoopers dead in their tracks! By using FileSpy’s unique time location and re-location capabilities, you can home-in on sensitive files and change their time with confidence. If you have access to the file, FileSpy will allow you to change their times all at once, no matter where they were found.
But that’s not all: FileSpy can also help you locate and manage files by file-type. –By using FileSpy's location ranger, you can find temporary and obsolete files. Now you can easily find and delete those left-over files (.OBJ, .BAK, .TMP, etc) in a single operation.
By using FileSpy's advanced batch-file creation utility, you can create batch files and scripts that can be used to export your finds to other programs and operating systems. –A real handy utility for power users, programmers, system administrators, and managers alike. Anyone who uses a computer will find FileSpy an invaluable tool.

Taking action!

After locating your data, File Spy can allow you to click and "touch" (change the time) or delete any file located. -File Spy will even automatically generate a batch-file (script) to help you better manage your results using another program! By using our script creation facility, you can optionally save the result of your search, or create command-line operations to copy, move, rename, archive, delete, or "recycle" your files. You can even write your own batch files, scripts, and programs to interface with File Spy results, just as if you had typed in each command from the keyboard. Try FileSpy for yourself!
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