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Usenet Article Search Robot

Programmable Usenet robot to search, find, download, and store Usenet News in easy to read, search, and share format... One message per file!
News*NET / Job*NET
Are you still searching the newsgroups by hand? Program our News*NET News Robot[TM] to search, download, and tame those billions of Usenet videos, pictures, songs, and messages for you.
Purchase Benefits: Job*NET is forever free, but it is limited to searching .job newsgroups. . Upgrade to News*NET to use powerful Job*NET searches on all Usenet news!

Key Benefits

    * Fully programmable interface.
    * Save your searches for easy re-use.
    * Automatically search newsgroups once, or many times each day.
    * Track statistics on numbers of articles, number qualified, search run times, and more!
    * Our unique article duplication detection scheme allows you to avoid reading the same message twice.
    * Associate message file types with other email programs.
    * Use the .EML file type to store 1 message per file in text format - avoid vendor lock, while still using Microsoft Outlook!
    * Easily click-and-reply to any message file to reply using your favorite email tool!
    * Easily manage messages on your desktop, laptop, or PDA using simple file operations.
News*NET was designed to run on run on Microsoft Windows. Versions supported include Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95.

"It is like having your own version of Deja News." --Jodi Wilson

The professional version of News*NET is only available at our on-line store.

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