Consulting & Training by Randall Nagy





Custom R&D

Software Productions

Our software creations include commercial applications, Internet tools, and Open Source. Many of these creations are available on SourceForge.

Classic Windows Softwares (C#, C++, Delphi)

Originally targeting Microsoft Windows, these 32 Bit versions of Randall's desktop applications work just about everywhere these days - Even on Mac OS & Linux!
  • EzInstall: Our easy-to-use Installer & Compression tool.
  • EzSearch: Quickly search & script file operations.
  • Doctor Quote: Social network has ushered in a new demand for thought-provoking ideas. Here is a collection of over 70,000 inspirational & whimsical quotations.
  • PDF Cookbooks: Who says you can't take them with you?
  • EzGourmet: Cookbook Management System (CMS.)
  • EzGourmet Cookbooks: Have a craving for more recipes? Here are some add-on Electronic Cookbooks for EzGourmet.
  • News*NET: Usenet News / Job Search Program.
  • File Spy: File system monitoring Tool.
  • Time Zone: Push & pop your time zone.

Open Source (Python)

From testing strategies to migration planning, Mr. Nagy's experience includes work with the Army's Electronic Proving Ground, Telecommunications Companies, as well as a significant video training opportunity (over 8 hours!) available on Udemy.

Open Source (C#, Java, C++, PHP)

Mr. Nagy has shared many creations. Activities leverage Java, C/C++, C#, Python, PHP, VB.NET, and more. Code created manages sockets, compression, databases, email, portable user interfaces, file formats, and the support of IETF Request For Comment (RFC) Interfaces. Platforms of note include Windows, Linux, OS X, AIX, Window CE, Blackberry, Android, and others.
After partnering with Borland in 2009, our open source activities expanded to include even more Java, as well as C#, and VB.NET. In addition to writing the first C# training and certification offering for Borland Software Corporation, we also developed our own training for VB.Net.
Today we have expended our activities to include Android, Embedded Engineering, and hands-on R&D topics.
  • PHP CRUD: With a name like that, it has to be good? -You can read more about our fast & easy way to add an indexed, flat-file database to your PHP here, as well as there.
  • Banman: The Banman Project is dedicated to sharing an easily-customizable way to add a self-protecting content mechanism to any web site. Written in 100% PHP, Banman will work on every modern server; BanMan demonstrates how to quickly protect site content, as well as to skin, use google ads, CSS, and flat-files. A web site in its own right, Banman also includes over 500 customizable, 'protectable' quotations.
  • DBO: Use a RandomAccessFile to Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Search objects supporting the interface. Click here if you would like to see a C++ class that can be re-used to maintain a parameterized heap.
  • CromaCode: Use polymorphism, factories, and other highly maintainable design patterns to add some color to your on-line HTML source code listings.
  • Class IO: Why use a database? ClassIO allows us to quickly generate code designed to read, write, and convert your fields between XML, CSV, or TDF. The perfect tool for any personal data-collection and / or ad-hoc editing activity.
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