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Nagy's Reasonable Rate Calculator

If you are looking for a way to calculate that daunting "all inclusive rate" for a consulting or sub-contract job opportunity, then you might want to bookmark this page.

If you do not already understand the process, then you may also want to read the original article describing why savvy consultants need to re-calculate their rates before each and every gig.

The applet on this page runs fine in your browser. Contact me if you would like to have a version to run elsewhere on your computer.

By way of a reference point, here is the GSA Per Diem Table. Note that the IRS no longer updates Publication 1542.

(:applet code="com.soft9000.RateCalc.appMain.class" width="1000" height="700" archive="RateCalc2013.jar, lib/AbsoluteLayout.jar" alt="Install Java. See what you are missing!" :)

Note also that the per diem rate tables reflect all CONUS data for 2012 & 2013.

Don't have Java? Then here is the link to the older PHP Version

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