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Learn to Program with VB.NET

This training has been designed to allow aspiring software developers learn how to use the Visual BASIC programming language to create useful, colorized, console applications. Designed to be an affordable training solution, even curious students can see if a career in software development is right for them.

Video Training

The video presentations are on YouTube, and the new community is on Facebook:

Lab Exercise Solutions

Students wishing to receive a copy of the solutions to the lab exercise can contact me directly. Please note that you will need to provide the PRODUCT ACCESS CODE as listed on PAGE 3 of your personal copy of the student guide.
The student guide can be purchased at


Discover the fundamentals of using VB.NET programming keywords, constructs, and command-line tools. Learn how to integrate VB.NET and .NET into legacy Windows Applications.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Declare Variables and Constants
  • Determine and Set Scope
  • Perform Mathematical Calculations
  • Create an Array
  • Create a Structure to Implement a Custom Data Type
  • Implement a Standard Module

Basic Concepts

  • Create Functions
  • Create Sub Procedures
  • Write Decision Structures
  • Write Loop Statements
  • Debug Logic Errors
  • Implement Structured Exception Handling

Working with Classes

  • Create a Class
  • Create a Property Procedure
  • Create a Method
  • Create and Handle a Custom Event
  • Set an Object's Initial Values Using a Constructor
  • Create a Class Using Inheritance

Enhancing Functionality

  • Retrieve Data from an External Data Source
  • Create and Deploy a Shared Assembly
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