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Despite what lots of folks pretend, the truth is that no one is born knowing how to write software.

Mission Statement

Our Python training is designed for students with no prior programming experience.
While designed for beginners, by the end of the training experience the student will be familiar with professional design concepts, software development tools, as well as professional software development techniques & topics.
Divided into three (3) major themes, our Python 1000, Python 2000, and Python 3000 series have been designed to take you from being a software developer 'no-know', to highly paid Python 'Pro!

Python 1000 (Beginner Topics)

Python 1000: The Python Primer

Designed for the absolute beginner, learn if software development is for you by completing the Python Primer.

Python 2000 (Intermediate Topics)

Python 2000: Beyond The Basics

Demonstrate true topic mastery by learning how to use advanced Python features.

Python 3000 (Advanced Topic)

Python 3000: File IO

Explore the billion-dollar industry that allows us to create, read, update, and search folders, web sites & other types of data.

Python 3000 (Advanced Topic)

Python 3000: IPC

Learn how to use Python to manage Inter Process Communications.

Python 3000 (Advanced Topic)

Python 3000: SQL

Discover how to use Python to create SQL Databases.
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