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Python 2000: Beyond The Basics!

Community Discount: $15 (Retail $35)
From creating packages to "magic methods" and generators, our 2000 series is dedicated to showing students the more advanced tactics that they will need to know to succeed in the professional programming world.
Once we have learned any programming language, the next task is to become familiar with the most common activities required to get our jobs done.
New Python 3 Programmers Welcome!
Designed for the students with a basic understanding of Python, this intermediate training opportunity will focus upon using Python for creating classes, managing packages & paths, creating frameworks, as well as exploring more advanced & modern topics in Python 3.
In the Python 2000 lessons, students will also complete their goal of keyword mastery by exploring a large collection of activity-related topics. Students will enjoy learning how to create Python Generators, Context Managers, Re-usable Modules, Exceptions, as well as dozens of other advanced topics.
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