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SQL For Everyone

Yes, I truly believe - with the proper tools & training - that just about ANYone can start creating their own lists & personal data collections today!

Indeed, just tell any would-be employer that you know how to collect & manage data using a computer, and see how fast your job-application can move to the top of their "must hire" list?

Mission Statement

So no matter if we love it or not, the Structured Query Language (SQL) is the universal language for all business software developers. We would even go so far to say that no true software professional should ever apply for a job, without it!

Free Training & Tools

Yet far from being a technology that ONLY software developers might enjoy, today just about EVERYONE can use tools like SQLite to collect data. Available upon virtually ALL modern computer systems, we felt the need to gift over 2 hours of SQL & SQlite training for FREE. Feel free to click on the link under the description for my SQL1 Training Opportunity (described below) to start enjoying creating your OWN databases before your first training hour is over!

SQL1: Professional SQL for Beginners

Training: On-Line Now

SQL2: JAVA, SQL, and SQLite

Training: On-Line Now

SQL3: Advanced JAVA - SQL & SQLite

Training: On-Line Now
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