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SQL1: SQLite for Beginners

Community Discount: $20 (Retail $35)
If you are a casual data-collector or professional software developer, you will enjoy the fast and free features of SQLite.
SQL is a simple language in it's own right. So no matter if you are using SQL alone, for Python, Java, or another programming language, SQL1 is the first set of lessons to take. Designed for use with the free & easy SQLite software, no previous programming knowledge is required.
Learning how to collect data has never been easier!
In this training, you will learn not only how to install & run SQLite, but also how to create databases. -Data-laden single-files that you can use to save all types of information.
From collecting the names, birth-dates, and email addresses of your friends, to capturing more detailed friend-contact events, our training will help you learn how to create professional databases & queries.
Students interested in learning how to use the Structured Query Language - will also enjoy this training!

Section One: Topical Overview

When we are getting started in the real-world, nattering theories are best left to the professional academics?
In this first session, we therefore jump right into learning SQL by learning how to import, as well as manage, a respectable collection of data.
Lecture 1: 1000 - Introduction
Lecture 2: 1010 - Getting Started
Lecture 3: 1020 - Key Advantages of SQLite
Lecture 4: 1030 - The SQLite Console
Lecture 5: 1040A - Database Trade-Offs, Planning & Workflow
Lecture 6: 1040B - Basic Database Concepts
Lecture 7: 1050 - Creating Rows & Records
Lecture 8: 1060 - Normalization, Keys & Diagrams
Lecture 9: 1070B - Dot-Commands, SQL Expressions & Speed

Section 2: Business Operations

Lean how to use SQL to manage & maintain data as data are imported & maintained in a real-world "workflow" scenario, as use by real-world, multi-billion dollar, data processing enterprises.
Lecture 10: 1500 - Real World Workflows
Lecture 11: 1510B - Importing & Analyzing Data
Lecture 12: 1520B - Database Updates & Real-World Strategies
Lecture 13: 1530B - Database Confidence, Migration & Optimization
Lecture 14: 1540B - Updates, Clauses & Primary Keys
Lecture 15: 1550 - SME Speak - Official Database Lingo!
Lecture 16: 1570 - PRAGMA & Database Management
Lecture 17: 1580 - Database Clones, Snapshots & Output Redirection
Lecture 18: 1590 - Report Creation
Lecture 19: 1599 - Additional Commands
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