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SQL2: JAVA, SQL, and SQLite

Community Discount: $20 (Retail $35)
SQL2 is the second installment in our series on learning SQL. Unlike our SQL1 Training, SQL2 is designed for those who know how to write software in the Java programming language.
This training opportunity was designed for Java software developers who have a basic understand of SQL. We recommend that each student take the time to complete our free training on installing & using SQLite, known as "SQL1"
Presented as the second part of a three (3) part series, this session (SQL2) revisits the database, table, and SQL statements covered in the first module (SQL1.) Expanding those standard tools and concepts for use under Java / JDBC, this SQL2 training offers students an evolutionary and practical approach to reinforcing the professional concepts about what databases are all about, as well as how to use SQL and SQLite in a modern workflow / real-world problem domain.
After completing this training, students wishing to know more about advanced SQL operations, as well as how to reliably manage SQLite database relationships, are encouraged to complete SQL3.

Section 1: Java, SQLite, & JDBC

Cover the basics required to Create, Read, Update, and Delete Data using SQL. Learn how to import, export, migrate and manage data between tables using SQL.
Lecture 1: Welcome to SQL2!
Lecture 2: Installation Review
Lecture 3: Introduction to Java & JDBC
Lecture 4: Using Console Applications
Lecture 5: LAB 01: Starting Java Projects
Lecture 6: Database Connections
Lecture 7: LAB 02: Database Connections
Lecture 8: SQL Connections & Tables
Lecture 9: Java & SQL Support
Lecture 10: Handy Operations
Lecture 11: The Friend Table (Part One)
Lecture 12: Friend Code Review (Part Two)
Lecture 13: Friend Code Review (Part Three)
Lecture 14: Friend Code Review (Part Four)
Lecture 15: LAB 03: A Model & View Controller (MVC)
Lecture 16: Selecting Distinct Dictionaries (Part 1)
Lecture 17: Selecting Distinct Dictionaries (Part 2)
Lecture 18: Lab 4: Persisting The Model
Lecture 19: Java Dates & Times in SQL (Part One)
Lecture 20: Java Dates & Times in SQL (Part Two)
Lecture 21: Java Dates & Times in SQL (Code & Examples)
Lecture 22: Lab 5: Full C.R.U.D Support

Section 2: Topical Review

Enjoy a hands-on review of and advanced set of database events & DAO-management capabilities.
Lecture 23: Topical Review (Part One)
Lecture 24: Topical Review (Part Two)
Lecture 25: MyEvent: Lab Exercise Review (Part One)
Lecture 26: MyEvent: Lab Exercise Review (Part Two)
Lecture 27: MyEvent: Lab Exercise Review (Part Three)
Lecture 28: MyEvent: Lab Exercise Review (Part Four)
Lecture 29: Code Generation using SQLMate
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