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SQL3: Advanced JAVA - SQL & SQLite

Community Discount: $20 (Retail $35)
SQL3 is the third installment in our series on learning SQL. Like our SQL2 Training, SQL3 is designed for those who know how to write software in the Java programming language.
From managing advanced SQL relationships to fail-safe SQLite configurations, in this third & final segment of our SQLite Training for Java you will learn how to enforce primary key relationships, create Database "Triggers," SQL Views, alternative Indexes, as well as other advanced database strategies.
Complex SQL JOIN types will also be reviewed, as well as the type of JOINS we can complete with SQLite proper.
Focusing on using JDBC, DevOps topics will be discussed from the vantagepoint of the Java programming environment. Non-programmer techniques will also detail how to accomplish database backup, data exportation, duplication, as well as restoration from the Operating System.
Additional "SME Speak" topics will cover database theory (ACID,) as well as overview expert-level topics in SQLite for future research. Having covered the basics, be sure to enjoy this opportunity to impress your friends, co-workers & employers alike by learning the advanced features of SQL ... as well as SQLite!

Section 1: Beyond The Basics

In this advanced section, students will move beyond the basics. Having previously covered how to Create, Read, Update & Delete SQL Data, professionals will also know how to manage transactions as well understand more advanced operations.
Lecture 1: Installation Review
Lecture 2: Welcome to SQL3 - Advanced Topics
Lecture 3: 4000 Transactions
Lecture 4: 4050_LAB
Lecture 5: 4100 Transactions, Part Two
Lecture 6: 4200 Batch Operations
Lecture 7: 4300 Batch Operations, Part Two
Lecture 8: 4400 SQL Save-Points
Lecture 9: 4500 Lock States
Lecture 10: 4600 Using Both Join Types
Lecture 11: 4601 Both Joins: Lab One
Lecture 12: 4610 Dual Join Review
Lecture 13: 4700 SQL Views
Lecture 14: 4710 SQL Indexing
Lecture 15: 4720 Database Triggers
Lecture 16: 4800 Using Multiple Databases
Lecture 17: 4870 SQLite Configuration
Lecture 18: 4875 SQLite Configuration, Part Two
Lecture 19: 4900 SQLite DevOps
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