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Punch Clock

Here is an online tool we can use to keep track of our time. The applet below runs fine in your browser. Contact me if you would like to have a version to run elsewhere on your computer.

(:applet code="easytime.TimeApplet.class" width="450" height="700" archive="EasyTime.jar, com.soft9000.jar, com.soft9000.ip.jar, AbsoluteLayout.jar" x_rlScript="http://www.soft9000.com/jar/foo.tab" alt="Install Java. See what you are missing!" :)

Easy to Use!

  1. Click "Get Current Time" & press In when you arrive.
  2. Click "Get Current Time" & press Out when you leave.
  3. Repeat as often as you come and go during the day...
  4. Use Calculate My Hours to see your time & Quote For Today.


  • Check 1/4 Hour to round input to the nearest.
  • To convert time, press Add 12 after typing in a time.
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