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Custom R&D

Training: Delivery & Creation offers on-site, virtual, and custom training services.

We are willing to present technical training you have picked out from other sources, as well as our own award-winning titles.

Virtual Training Example

Tired of confusing price models? is pleased to offer the finest training services at the most reasonable rate we know of. Our no-nonsense cost model allows you to quickly price any virtual training offering. (*)

On-site training includes classroom costs plus Instructor T&E. (**)

Topics include:

  • Professional Python
  • Visual Basic / VB.NET / C#
  • Professional Java
  • Modern C/C++
  • Programming with PHP
  • Testing & Best Practices
  • Object-Oriented Design / Analysis (OOA/OOD)
  • Introduction to the Unified Markup Language (UML)
  • Modern Delphi
  • Using MyBATIS / Hibernate
  • Understanding HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Writing Android Applications
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Using Hadoop2 & Hortonworks
  • Migrating to Cloud-Based Architectures & Services
... and more!

Genuine, Custom Training

We have written 5-Star content for just about every major player in the industry!

Custom Training Costs

If you have a list of topics, then our no-nonsense custom training-creation rate is a flat, per day, rate.

Training Maintenance Costs

If you already have training content that needs sprucing-up, then we will be happy to bring it up-to-date for the same hourly rate of your local auto mechanic. Our low maintenance rate applies to both content created by others, as well as any training we may have previously prepared for you or your company.

Book-Based Training

If you are an author, or have a book that you would like to build a training offering around, then offers even more affordable fixed-rates & terms. Depending upon book popularity, training creation may even be free.

(*) We have many partners whose training we can recommend, as well as deliver. Feel free to contact us to discuss your training needs.

(**) Volume pricing is available for long-term training partners.

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