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Python 3

Designed for the first-time software developer, our training for Modern Python is part of our extensive set of on-line training videos.

Easy to learn yet difficult to maser, Python remains one of the fastest ways to jump-start your career as a professional software developer.

No matter if you are interested in creating software for yourself or others, we believe that our commitment to providing you with what you'll need to master both the width and the depth of Python programming topics can be matched by few others.

On-Line Lessons Include:

Lesson SetTraining TitleVideo Length
Python 1000The Python Primer5.0 Hours
Python 2000Beyond The Basics4.0 Hours
Python 3000Tactical File I/O1.0 Hour
Python 3000Tactical IPC1.0 Hour
Python 3000Tactical SQL Quick-Start2.0 Hours
Python ReviewConcepts K01 - K100.5 Hours
Python ReviewConcepts K11 - K221.0 Hour
Python 3000The Tkinter GUI4.5 Hours
Python 4000Linux DevOps3.5 Hours
Python 3000Cartesian Planes & Plotting4.0 Hours
Python 4000Drawing & GUI Frameworks3.0 Hours
Python 5000Modeling & Simulation3.0 Hours

If your organization would like professional, instructor-lead training (ILT) on-site well as customized training delivery is available. For more information, feel free to contact us, or one of our training partners, for more information.

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