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Custom R&D

R&D Cost

The Two-Price Model offers two rate models: Time and Materials, and Fixed Price.

Time and Materials

When your opportunity is best described in common, commodity terms, then the base software R&D rates are about the same as for your local mechanic. When those same folks need to work out-of-town, then the IRS cost of living schedules typical adds approximately $15 per hour to that rate. (You can click here to run the numbers.)

Examples of commodity skills include:

  • Java on POSIX
  • .NET on Windows
  • PHP on LAMP
  • Generic Training
Of course, when consulting needs arise that require less commodity R&D activities, the general rule of thumb is to add $10 / hour for each additional non-mainstream skill set.

Examples of non-commodity skill sets include:

  • Smalltalk
  • Rhapsody
  • .NET on anything else
  • XSLT, Voice XML, VRS
  • UML Architecture
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Delphi, CORBA, TINA-C
  • SOA, IMS, SIP, ParlayX
  • Custom Training Creation
Most consultants enjoy working on just about any project where their experience is important. As long as the work is interesting, folks will generally enjoy both their rates & their tasks. Due to the rise and fall of the outsourcing-fortunes of any country however, from time to time even the most tenured folks need to work the commodity market. As the work demands, so changes the rate.

Fixed Price

We offer fixed-priced estimates when people know exactly what they want.
When you feel that your know precisely what you want your system to do, as well as exactly what it should look like, then the final cost is decided by how quickly you want the work completed. The more flexible one is on delivery time, the lower the final price will be.

Source Included

No matter which pricing model you choose, at project completion you will always receive the complete source code and / or training materials.
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