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Professional Philosophy

We believe that the word "professional" should come to mean more... Rather than merely telling others what we choose to do to make a living, perhaps the word should be used to better inform others what paths we find most important. -The ideas we follow for the waking hours of our lives; The causes to which we have dedicated the majority of our free waking moments.
For professional reasons then, keeps up with the times. From the latest developments in writing portable software across desktops & hand-held devices, to supporting virtualization, service orientation, or embedded engineering, if it has a computer in it, we'll have a professional interest. (Indeed, if one is in a technical field, such an interest might even be part of the reason why one might keep the ".com" as part of their name?)

What It Means

Keeping up with a profession means that you often find yourself walking technology's "bleeding edge." As such, we have never seen the reason why one should feel that being "professional" means that one cannot feel free to openly - and sincerely - express oneself. If our goal is to encourage the creative process, seldom should any feel that everything they say might be used against them. When it comes to tolerating sincere communications then, our nation's right to freedom of speech should be respected. Our motto therefore must be to treat others the way we want to be treated... if not even better. Tolerate a wrong word. Enthusiastically support a right one.
Indeed, over the decades we have found that being free to brainstorm - even make an odd statement or two - is the hallmark of any successful creative process. Sadly, many across the globe do not feel as free to share the same enthusiasm for America's constitutionally-guaranteed celebration of what we have found that makes a project successful.
Because no-one ever knows which randomly uttered thought will become a project's next killer feature, encouraging free thought and expression works to make one feel comfortable; makes an undertaking work better. Indeed free speech, when combined with personal integrity, can elevate any people - as well as their technologies - into the realms of legendary greatness.
So the mechanics of innovation only come into play if and only if we feel that we are truly free to say what we mean... as well as to mean what we say. Indeed, because right reasoning depends much upon lessons learned, sincrerly wrong ideas should not be held against any of us. Tolerance, forgiveness, the golden rule, and national greatness all seem to be related in many, many, interesting ways.
Hence believes that sharing - no mater what the imagined motivation - must ever be seen as the highest form of caring. -Even in the professional world!

Open Source

Given the spirit behind the above, in the Software Development Profession one might be expected to also be professionally participating in authoring Open Source. -From sharing ideas on increasing data-storage performance, to writing text-to-speech software for the handicapped, the passion of the software professional surely lies close to such endeavors.
Finally, because any `professor` should feel the need to help apply his learning despite the financial gain, is also the hub of more than a few software projects. Some popular, some fringe -but all are part of improving what we profess to be all about on-the-job, as well as in our spare time.


-Randall Nagy
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