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Our Best Consulting Practices

Every project needs a vision. Randall Nagy offers free front-end project definition.

Delivery Planning (Free Process)

Clearly defining what we need to accomplish is the first step. We use a two-step process:

Step One: Free Statement of Work

The Statement of Work (SoW) includes a mission statement, checklist of requirements, as well as any collaborative design documents. Even when research and development tasks are well underway, our preferred approach begins by extracting, documenting, and providing you with a highly detailed statement of work (SoW.)

Step Two: Free Delivery Planning

After the SoW is accepted, next we collaborate upon a delivery schedule. More often than not, your project will be delivered as series of verifiable, incremental, units of work.
Because payment terms are often linked to rigidly defined deliverables, Step Two is where project costs and / or payment terms are formally defined.
Once we agree upon the delivery schedule, any key areas of risk associated with the project will be formally reviewed, as desired.

Implementation - (Paid Process)

By selecting various components from the work plan, we can work with you or completely outsource the delivery of your project. Just how much, or how little, we work together after the project planning or delivery definition phase is completely up to you! From project design and staffing to critical component delivery, we can help make your project a success.


While not every project readily lends itself to prototyping, often encourages the creation of an acceptance scenario, or requirement verification model. Choosing to create a well-defined testing interface or graphical prototype to your project up-front ensures that everyone has a common vision of what is required.
Prototypes also serve as the basis for competitive assessment. Prototypes can be used to demonstrate competence and assure stakeholders. Prototypes can also form the basis for testing, as well as help manage change control.

Recursive Delivery

Once your project objectives are finalized, prefers delivering your project in a series of steps; Incremental deliverables that allow you see the work progress. For this reason, we typically schedule several work-in-process deliverables. These demonstration and synchronization points allow us to continue to collaborate on the work as your project progresses toward final delivery. To use the buzzwords of today, at for over 20 years we have advocated a natural, 'agile', spiral software definition & delivery option.
Unlike so many others, when required we have also found that a far more re-assuring, design-first 'waterfall' approach can also readily co-exist with an agile, sprint-based R&D Process. It all comes done to proper requirement management.

Regression Testing

Part of's best practice recommendation involves providing robust, testable interfaces. By ensuring that the major system interfaces can be adequately tested after each and every working session, even graphical applications can be automatically tested.
The net result of providing a regression-testing framework to you as part of our deliverable allows us to verify that the system works as expected. Even after accepting the software, using our testing framework during routine maintenance tasks insures that your applications continue to function as well as when we delivered them.

Acceptance Testing

Our overall system development and delivery process allows us to manage each and every one of your design and delivery criteria. Of course, by opting to use our recursive delivery stages as detailed above, you can review the progress of the project as often as you need to.
In general, the more we adhere to our best software definition and development process described above, the more efficient final system acceptance checks will become.
From project conception to testing, delivery, and acceptance, our time-proven project delivery experience can help you keep your project on-time, on-target, and clearly focused.
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