Consulting & Training by Randall Nagy





Custom R&D


Documented the operation, integration, and installation of HP Asset Manager. Included the creation of Data Flows (DF0, etc.) and UML Diagrams to support the detailed design. Interviewed software developers & support personnel to capture voice & video teleconferences. Identified and documented a separate initiative to support email notification of data extraction failures. Light troubleshooting of Apache / Tomcat / IIS R&D issues.

Responsible for the adoption and integration of new technologies, as well as championing selective funding initiatives. Activities included the hands-on installation and use of RICS, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Georgia Technology Research Institute (GTRI's) Voice and Video Testing Tool (VETT), and software development on virtualized (VMWare) Linux and Microsoft Windows Servers. Products utilized include Microsoft SharePoint, IIS6/7, Magic Draw (DODAF & UML), Google Earth, Python, Visual Studio (C#, VB.NET), and NetBeans (Java); Formal training on EPG/RICS/IMS tooling; Developed a Service-Oriented GPS demonstration program and architecture. Architecture demonstrated a post-action mash-up Web Service ‘cloud’ hosted from SharePoint. Testable, textual transformations included KML for use on Google Earth; Authored video demonstration/training to discuss the use of this new architecture to internal army resources. Included WSO2 (Java, C#, Axis2, WCF, WS-I) and integration of Linux Virtual Servers into Microsoft Networks.
Lead a UML centric design effort to model an embedded, cross-platform, framework for this major Oil and Gas Tool Manufacturer based in Houston, Texas. Focus was to maximize software re-use across TI, PIC, and Sharc DSPs using IBM's Rhapsody. Created custom training designed to educate electrical and other engineers in the use of modern UML and Object Oriented framework-creation practices. On-demand lessons included compare/contrast sessions on C –v- C++, OXF –v- IDF, adapters, and using Rhapsody to support freestyle (frameworkless) programming. Hands-on experience with TI's Code Composer Studio. Also setup both a project server and blog site for the firmware modeling team. Demonstrated competence in UML, C, and C++ in the embedded DSP/microcontroller environment, as well as PHP, C++, and CGI under Apache.
Developed a “Software as a Service” (SAS) publication system for a large venture capital firm; Project included UML design of server-side SOAP Services (JAX-WS.) Apache Tomcat Server-side interface supporting JMS to Session Servlet and JDBC Entities. Developed 2 prototypical rich-clients (Java SWING and C# WinForms) Demonstrated competence in FTP, JSE, JMS, JDBC/Oracle, Eclipse, .NET, and JEE.
Assisted in the creation and tasked with the delivery + maintenance of "Mobilizing the Modern Enterprise" for AT&T. Training included the coverage of SIP, AJAX, SOAP, WAP, XHTML, Web 2.0, Parlay-X, EOD, IMS, and Rich Client mobilization techniques for both .NET and Java capable devices.
Created a SOAP Interface into the California Department of Motor Vehicles (APPC/LU6.2) Mainframe. The resulting SOA included the design, coding, and integration of a .NET web-server interface to manage both synchronous and asynchronous service calls to a handcrafted external ("CPIC") session manager; Demonstrated competence in C#, C++, C, CPI-C, .NET, APPC, and the WIN32 IPC sub-system.
Troubleshooter for this major check processor/ACH interface provider based in NYC. Work included the creation of a WIN32 FTP service manager in C# .NET. Project was designed to replace a service that suddenly began to fail as peak utilization failures caused an average of $350 Million worth of nightly deposits to require manual routing. Also included the maintenance and troubleshooting of a device-level, networked C++ multi-device monitoring facility.
Designed and created various JIRA/Quality Center/Star Team EAI tools for a major Borland Partner. Project requirements and architecture defined in UML. Deliveries required the use of XML, C#, VB.NET, COM, SOAP, and Java Servlets (JEE); Supported product deployments across Tomcat, IIS, WebForms, and Win Forms.
Served as the Product Manager for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE.) Activities at this state agency included the training of FDLE members, as well as the creation of UML Models, procedures, and documents to support the creation of an ITN. Trained and managed a team of 3 full-time state employees; Ad-hoc software development to provide requirement management interfaces to DOORS. TCC-DOORS.
Java and C++. Architected and delivered a distributed logging, messaging, and SOAP based services framework for Bell South in Atlanta, Georgia. Project provided Log4J -style support for C++. Documented in UML with XP Stories/tasks using XPlanner and Together Control Center; Leveraged Java experience to implement capabilities in C++ using STL for use under Qt 3; WinINET interfaces used for FTP and other protocols. Ported to Qt4 for compatibility with Apple OS X; JNI supported Java re-use of resulting framework adapters.
Authored additional developer-level training, certification exams and study guides for JBuilder, Delphi, VisiBroker, and other Borland Technologies. Content development experience with C++ Builder, Java, CORBA and J2EE. Researched and authored the first training and certification offering for Borland's C# Builder. Included research and/or creating training sessions for CLR/CTS, WinForms, Web Forms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, MSMQ, COM/DCOM, and .NET Remoting.
Designed a platform-independent IPC (inter-process communications) mechanism for Informix Corporation, a major software developer based in Menlo Park, California. The IPC mechanism was designed to work under UNIX, MS Windows, OS/2, and the Apple Macintosh. Coded and implemented the paradigm for the award-winning Wingz spreadsheet. Re-wrote the printer interface logic for STORM, Wingz, and other products. Designed an extensible, portable, and graphical object-oriented "application painter" product. Wrote several articles for BYTE and other trade magazines.
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