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Note that while the recipe collection has indeed moved on, that we continue to share the original recipes on-line. In addition to cross-platform Recipe R&D, we also continue to sell our commercial recipe products.

Personal note: Keeping up with change?

From a personal point-of-view, many have found that keeping up with changing technologies is easy. -All one needs to do is to find something constructive, then keep on doing it. -Much like a doctor ever "practicing" medicine, most find that sheer perseverance make us stronger?

In Our Case

Over 30 years ago we started using computers to help us collect data, automate work, & analyze real-world patterns.
We also like to share things.
-Combining the desire to analyze large amounts of data with the need to share has allowed us to amass huge digital collections. Databases teeming with everything from quotations, historical events & interesting calculable forthcomings, to recipes. Such is the wind to our sail.
So in 1978 I was using punch-cards and magnetic tape. Today it is all about Web Services (no matter how we choose to define them ;) and searchable databases.
Certainly collection activities should ever continue. Yet there also comes a time when one has enough collected to spend more time focused upon sharing, than on savoring.
Of course, when it comes to sharing, then too does technology - especially modern 'Internet' Technologies - help one ever-discover interesting, if not exotic (!), NEW destinations.
So as we continue to share recipes on-line, as well as interesting trivia & our databases, we hope that our passion for amassing, analyzing, and sharing massive amounts of data will prove worthy of your daily inspiration, as well.
-Here's to distant shores!

-Randall Nagy

(p.s. Today, yet another way to learn new things is by protecting a collection, as well. ;)

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