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References, as given in 2019 for a local training opportunity:

"I couldn't be more pleased to recommend Randall Nagy for a computer teaching position.  I have been resourcing IT Trainers and selling training services for over 35 years.  I have over 1,500 trainers at my disposal and Randall is always one of my "go to" guys when I need an exceptional trainer for a difficult client. 

Randall tends to specialize in the more complex areas of programming and development.  He knows software life cycle, proj mgt, C Language, .NET, Java, Python, Linux, Windows, Agile, etc .  His expertise is well known by my clients and they ask him back.  I sell training services to the IT Vendor Community, so companies like New Horizons, Global Knowledge, Cognizant Consulting, and their end-clients which are mostly Fortune 1000 companies and the DOD, rely on Randall to grow their employees and help them become industry experts. 

Over and over, Randall's performance has been stellar.  He takes the time to make certain that all of his students are up to speed and surpass their expectations.  Over the past six years, I have had many occasions to utilize Randall's services and I have to say that I have never seen a bad or even mediocre class, or for that matter, even a bad student critique.  Randall Nagy is a true professional and he makes us all look good in the process.

Randall's industry expertise is very broad and he can also act as a life coach for students wanting to get into the IT industry.  He is a perfect fit for training younger students.

One last thing ... Randall is "Super Smart!"  His command of the English language is impressive and his knowledge of everything from Philosophy to Python Coding is unsurpassed.  He is forever quoting a philosopher or a poet to get his point across and is rarely at a loss for words.  He is a very helpful individual to others and commands respect and the attention of others. Always with a smile.


    • Technical aptitude is unsurpassed. 
    • Personality is lively and humorous.
    • Ability to teach to diverse groups is admired.
    • Zeroing in on problem areas and understanding how to help is exceptional.

... and no, he didn't pay me to write all of this ... it's true.  I always speak the truth.  Randall is a leader and team player at the same time.  I'd hate to lose him as a resource, but I can surely see the benefit of having him teach full time and know that students will flourish under his watch.

Doug Edwards, President, Class Trainers (2019)

My team created and delivered training and certification programs across a variety of technologies. Randall was a key part of our lead team in not only development, and delivery to small and enterprise level clients, but also to our internal teams. He was a great mentor, always received top level reviews from clients and was requested for additional trainings on multiple occasions. He has the ability to effectively teach a group of people with very different skill levels. Randall also provided consulting as well as training.   Ability to teach multiple levels in one class. Ability to modify training on the fly as needed while onsite at a clients. Learns new technology and information very quickly. Understands instructional design as well as multiple delivery approaches.

Anneke Leigh VP Operations / Customer Success at Level 5 Technology Group LLC (2019)

References, as recorded & verified at LinkedIn:

"Mr. Nagy is way above average in technical smarts and perception, so much so that he can lose other software engineers if he doesn't intentionally slow himself down. He is dedicated and hard-working in the extreme and loyal like few other people in this industry. Personal integrity, knowledge, commitment are all adjectives I would use to describe him. I have worked with him in multiple organizations over decades and his unwavering effort to always stay abreast of the leading technologies, and ability to teach them to others separates him from the crowds. I am privileged to call Mr. Nagy my friend."

Gary Heller, Technical Director, Banklink Division of Fiserv Inc.

"Randall is the type of IT trainer and consultant who you can trust with your most difficult clients. All you need to do is wind him up and watch him go! You will get more positive feedback than you hoped for. He is a real team play and makes you look good. I'd use Randall again in a heartbeat."

Doug Edwards, President, Class Trainers

"Randall deserves the highest recognition for his SOA training with us, and I hope to work with him in the future. He asked each student in the class for their backgrounds and did an amazing job of catering the class to the students he was teaching. On top of being a great listener, he was professional and thorough. At the end of the course, we got student requests for follow up on-site training with Randall.

Below is a review that he got from one student, who is representative of the group: “Randall Nagy is an exceptional course facilitator. He is very knowledgeable on the subject of Service Oriented Architecture. He has a positive attitude and projects his wisdom and knowledge onto the students. I welcome being a student under his instructions in future classes/courses."

Jason Cohen, Training Partner United States Army

"Mr. Nagy can be counted on to deliver high quality outputs on time and within budget. He has a unique talent in that he not only develops elegant systems, but backs them up with comprehensive documentation."

Patricia Hill, Managing Consultant, Computer Task Group

"Mr. Nagy is an exceptional businessman and friend! His honesty, professionalism, and understanding of good customer service are impeccable. Trustworthy is every way! On a personal note, I am a novice chef. His software, EzGourmet, makes me look like a pro!"

Byron Bridges Real Estate Appraiser/Consultant, Bruce D. Greenberg Inc.

"Mr. Nagy is a great business partner. Together we have built a recipe software empire. Mr. Nagy has done all of the software design and website design. I serve as the recipe guru and provide the recipes from my massive collection so that Cookpedia can provide free cookbooks, free software and daily newsletter through our website. I could never do it without Mr. Nagy, he is very professional, very knowledgeable and very computer and software savy."

Cathy Leslie

"Mr. Nagy is a highly skilled professional capable of taking on and solving many technical and logistical challenges. He is very detail-oriented and dedicated to getting the job done in the most effective way."

Alex Krichevsky, Software Consultant, Banklink, Inc., Fiserv

"I have been fortunate to have worked with Mr. Nagy on several consulting engagements over a number of years and have had him work for me at least twice at various companies. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. He is extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects, fully understands business needs and dynamics and is consummately reliable, delivers what he promises and within budget. His documentation is superb, he mentors others with enthusiasm, and he leads by example. I would highly recommend Mr. Nagy for any engagement, large or small."

Stuart Worrall

"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Nagy on several consulting engagements over the years. These projects were extremely challenging, and very demanding. Mr. Nagy was very reliable, and could always be counted-on to deliver excellent quality work. Not only was his technical work exceptional, he also provided first-class documentation (a true rarity). I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Nagy for any engagement."

Tim Mowrey, CFP®, AAMS, Director, Enterprise Consulting Practice, Computer Task Group (CTG)

"I worked with Mr. Nagy for quite some time, and found him to be an extremely competent individual with highly developed IT skills. He always has a positive attitude towards things and an infectious sense of humor."

Juan Jimenez, Master Trainer, Borland Software Corp.

"Mr. Nagy is a highly skilled programmer and author with a strong sense of loyalty and a very positive attitude in high-pressure situations."

Brett Johnson, Contractor, Bell South

"Mr. Nagy technical and people/communication skills are both strong - it is hard to find both of these qualities in the same person in today's market place. He has demonstrated proficiency in multiple software languages and has a history of developing creative and innovative solutions to solve a variety of issues. His technical skillsets cover the full range of software development and implementation - from developing system architectures down to writing and/or debugging code. As for people skills, Mr. Nagy has the innate capability to quickly bond and motivate people on the team."

Rob Randall, Manager Advanced Projects, Baker Hughes Embedded Engineering

"I worked with Mr. Nagy in developing and writing training materials for Borland products. Mr. Nagy was instrumental in our curriculum design and contributing to developing new ideas to increase revenue. Mr. Nagy 's knowledge, depth and breadth, of computer technologies (software and hardware) is extraordinary. Coupled with his creative writing style, Mr. Nagy produced technically accurate and interesting training manuals."

Christopher Jones, Project Manager, Global Services, Borland Software Corporation

"Mr. Nagy was both an excellent technical trainer as well as technical courseware writer. He had the talent of leveling his training to meet the needs of the attendees. It was a pleasure working with him."

Anneke Leigh, Global Director, Borland Corporation

"I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Nagy at Borland on multiple courseware projects. He has an unusually strong acumen for technology and process, and was an outstanding technical writer and trainer. Despite tight timelines and often minimal input from the R&D teams, he was still able to consistently deliver quality courses on time and was a key member of our team."

Jeff Bosworth, WW Education Services Manager, Borland Software Corp.

"It is very rare to find someone with Mr. Nagy 's wide range of abilities, knowledge and experience. He always impressed me with his in-depth knowledge in the field of software engineering, and his can-do attitude to virtually any project he chose to tackle. In addition, Mr. Nagy is just a likable person, period, with a great sense of humor and the kind of outlook on life that reminds you things are never as bad as the media wants you to think they are!"

Juan Jimenez, Master Trainer, Borland Software Corp.

"My firm has engaged Mr. Nagy as a Sr. Developer, Principal and Architect for assignments with key clients. He has always delivered more than was asked and on time. He has always been the consumate professional. Mr. Nagy can always to depended upon Architect a solution that is the "right" solution. I highly recommend Mr. Nagy . He is a top flight IT Professional."

Gary Fox

“R.A. Nagy provided a breadth and depth of experience in software development and software technologies that is not typically available from one individual. His skills are a valuable addition to any organization seeking to improve their software development processes and leverage state-of-the-art technologies and concepts in their software products."

Pat Kerr, Computer Scientist US Army Electronic Proving Ground (EPG)

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