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C++ Central

Welcome to C++ Central

This portion of is dedicated to C++.
C++ is known through the works as an expert software developer's language. The mission here is to continue to support fellow C++ Developers across all major operating systems.


The ABLE Class Library is at the center of our commitment to supporting the cross-platform mission.


The STDNOJ Class Library is an older version of ABLE.
Released in 1997, the Standard "Neat Odd Job Namespace" has been well-circulated. Because STDNOJ is in wide use, rather than re-factoring what many consider base classes, we decided it would be more professional to create ABLE.


In general, both the ABLE and STDNOJ Class Libraries cover many of the same topics. The ABLE Class Library contains several prominent re-factorings, more prominent design patterns, as well as better electronic mail management.
Moving forward, ABLE is the place to look for new classes, projects, platforms, and test cases.

IDE / Compiler Support

The following tool sets are supported:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Borland C++Builder
  • Apple's XCode
  • Intel's C/C++ Compiler Suite
  • TI's Code Composer Studio
  • Netbeans / GCC
  • Eclipse / GCC
Feel free to let us know if you have tried / want us to try others.


We should perhaps also mention that these classes are a rock-solid & vital part of our professional Windows Applications.
After working under so many IDE's, compilers, and commercial applications, we feel confident that these class libraries are robust, stable ... and ready for your perusal!
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